Saturday, July 9, 2016

8 Tablescapes for Summer


When we are not flipping houses,
I love to so my own thing and update my own home.
Tablescapes are such a way that I love to escape
from this work of flipping
and bringing joy to my own home.

Summer is here and I am wondering what should
I do for beautiful tablescapes?

There are so many different ideas from
beach, to outdoor, to just bright and summery.

I spent some time looking for fun summer tablescapes
to inspire everyone,
and of course for me especially!

Spring Tablescape:
                                   This was found on Heyday!

I so love Tiffany blue!
Here this table setting is shared with Tiffany blue and white.
What colors could be more inspirational?

table setting:
                  Found on

I used to think I wasn't a yellow fan,
My wedding colors were yellow and white,
my house is painted an ocher yellow,
and the walls in my kitchen and formal living room
are also an ocher yellow.
Mmmm, there you have it, I do love yellow.

This is such a fun and inspirational tablescape, with 
a fun bright, bright yellow, and yellow table setting:
                               Found on

Here are 2 great yellows pared with red.
Love this tablescape.

Romantic toile place setting:
                          Found on

Blue and white is simply a classic of pared colors.
It doesn't matter if those colors are pared in clothing
or in the home, it simply is elegant!

Summer table:

Pink is such a summer color, that I had to include
this setting, but not sure where the picture
is from.

Check is such a classic also with the white and pink squares.

Tropical tablescape with calligraphy on leaves by Kindred Creations. - photo by

Why not tropical?
This is so elegant with a splash of green to make
this tropical place setting one to use
even in a non tropical place.  

Beautiful flower bowls plain white, square dinner dishes and buy mixed serving dishes to make a complete set.:

What isn't fabulous about this green and white color combo?
Stone Gable has some of the most wonderful
dishes ever,  I want them all,
but for now I have to suffice by sharing this
great picture and idea with you.

Beautiful table setting:

Here it is, beach right in your home.
You can feel like you have spent the week at the
beach, eating seafood, and sitting at such
a beautiful tablescape.

There you have it,
8 Beautiful TableScapes!

I'm so inspired,
and I hope you are too!