Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sandridge Greatroom Remodel


Sandridge is flip #5
I can honestly say, I loved this house!

It is too bad Georgia isn't our permanent home because this
is such a great house, with the perfect amount of space.  2200sf

The great room was the biggest change in the house,

We took out the wall, where the door is in the picture below to the
kitchen behind the wall, and opened the 2 rooms together to make
a great room.

Here is the original fireplace, and the door to the back yard
the window was punched through and so
the door was covered with plywood.

This is during the process of taking out the wall,
the next picture shows the header in, and we then
discovered that the floor was rotting through in front of the firepalce,
a project we didn't see during the walk through.
It ended up costing $2,000 to fix, as we had to replace the entire
wall and footing boards under the house.
All because the roof wasn't built right around the fireplace
and the water ran down the wall and rotted all of that area.

We took out the fan and the spotlights off the vaulted ceiling.

We added an island with the cabinets that were origianlly on the wall
we took out.

Instead of using the original fireplace, we took it out, and justed used
the top part of the mantle. Added a new door, with the window smaller
so it couldn't be pushed out with someones feet.

The finished pictures are blurry!
I had them sent to me via dropbox, and for some reason
they aren't looking very good.

The fireplace front is stacked rock, and we built up the floor
so there is a distinction between the floor and the fireplace, it
was tiled with leftover tile from the bathroom floors.

We also added a really fun chandelier to fill up that vaulted
ceiling space.  It was a brand new piece we found in the box
at a Restore store.

This is the opening to the kitchen, where we took out the
wall and opened up the kitchen and the family room to each other.


The greatroom became the star of the home.
The hardwood floors turned out fabulous, we painted
these rooms with Anew Grey.

These 2 rooms made the house, so glad we went to all the work
to make them so beautiful.

Here is the panoramic view of the kitchen/greatroom.

Love the dark and the light.  Love these
hardwood floors!