Monday, August 29, 2016

Valley Spring Flip

Valley Spring,
mmmm, how should I share this?
I am wondering, it had some incredible
challenges, so I will share them all!

Valley Spring looks like an ordinary Ranch style home,
and pretty much it is, but the front window makes
the whole house, and I would live in this house hands down finished.
But first we must look at it before the flip.

Inside Kitchen looking into now the dining room

This is the original kitchen, without all the cabinets,
I should have taken those pics.
Pulling the cabinets out was a no brainer.

They were the original cabinets from the late 60's built
home.  The home was also a custom built home,
and the load bearing walls were quite un-normal.
The wall to the right we pulled completely out.

Inside the now dining room looking into the Kitchen
all the cabinets have been removed

You can see that the kitchen floors were tiled later,
so the floor had to be completely removed.
The vinyl floor in the dining room where I am taking
the picture was covered with laminate, that
we took out and will use on some other flip.

Inside the now dining room looking towards the kitchen

In the dining room we also took this wall out as far as the hole
in the ceiling.  It was at that point where
the rest of the house was sitting, so a very load bearing
short wall.

Living room

We didn't change much here, just paint,
but when the entire house is finished, and the kitchen put
completely together, it does make a big difference in this room.
There also was a pocket door from the living room to the
dining room, which when we took it out, and because it was
part of the original plan, it had a header and opened the living
room wall up fabulously!


At the far wall are 2 cabinets that came with the house.
I will show you where we reused these in the kitchen.

Back yard
Front of House
Front of House

Hall Bathroom

This bathroom was so big, why wasn't it the master bath?
So crazy how bathrooms were built in the 60's.
The left wall with the cabinet had a closet that opened into the
room next to this room.
We will show you how we used this space,
and closed off the space where the sink is here on the right
and made it part of the master bathroom.

Master Bathroom

Here we have taken the sink out,
We also took out all of this tiling.
Was this an easy feat? Absolutley NOT!

It too an entire week to demolish the 2 bathrooms,
we gutted them, and pull up the kitchen floor.

Master Bathroom

Now the Transformation 

The eaves were painted,
brick now lines the walkway with plant edging.
New roof installed and the shudders painted too.

Beautiful front window now painted and glazed and
a fun wreath on the front of the house.

Front window inside and out!

Living room now finished.
Paint - Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey
with an accent wall SW Sea Salt
Just a SW standard white for all the trim

Flooring is from Lowes
It is a wood looking vinyl.

You can now see how the new kitchen cupboards wrap
around the pulled out kitchen wall and now become part of the
open concept living room/kitchen.

New Front Door

Next is the changes that we made in the kitchen,
remember it was gutted and a wall removed opening
the kitchen to the dinning area and living room.

The Kitchen now feels like twice the space!
We had to have a post at the end of the
kitchen opening where the butcher block now is.
This is where the beam ended for the opening in the original
galley kitchen.

This is a better view of the kitchen.
We used the same wood look flooring to make the
rooms flow and all look like one big space.
This is where the kitchen cupboards wrap around the
corner of the kitchen.

We purchased the cupboards from Home Depot.
Entire cost of the Kitchen cupboards was $3,800
New Stove and Microvave
Lowes now carries in stock butcher block.

Butcher Block

We had originally planned to make all the counter tops butcher block,
based on what the Lowes designer had told us the size of the butcher block
size came in. However, unless it was special ordered, 9 feet was not available,
So, learn from us.  Lowes butcher block only (in stock) comes in 8 foot sections,
Because of this we put granite in, and it cost us $1,800.

In the end, this really cost us a big part of our profit.
But was the only solution that was fast.
Here are the 2 cabinets that were originally in the dining room
of the house, I painted them white to match the rest of the kitchen
and to be honest, these cabinets are what make the ambiance of the kitchen.
This is a great addition.
In my original pictures I'm not sure if it showed the sliding glass doors,
Maybe we had them covered because we were chiseling ceramic tiles,
but we replaced them with french doors,
and it gives such a great look to the back yard of the house.

Now this table is a charmer!
We found it on the side of the road all beat up, original
color was black.  When all my little jobs were
done, I started working on this table, sanded it,
Dana replaced one of the short lets, it was 
missing, and then painted and stained it.

Pretty nice for FREE!
Found these chairs for $30 each.

The table helps with the feel of the kitchen.

This is the master bedroom, all the bedrooms we 
just spruced up the original floors and painted walls.
This dresser was left in the outdoor shed,
and I painted it with leftover paint from some of our other houses.

The master bath turned out killer!!!!
After removing all the original walls and there was 2 feet of extra 
unused space behind the shower, and we brought into this bathroom
the space from the hall bathroom where its original sink sat.
(The original master bathroom floor space fit only one person
like an outhouse!)
There now is a large shower, double sink, and the toilet!

The hall bath was made smaller, only taking out the space of the
original right sink, and pulling in the closet space from the left
side of the room.  We did not put the old cabinet doors
back on the cabinet in the wall, but left it open for towels and toilet paper.

It still turned out to have some nice open space.

The laundry room stayed the same, we took out old metal cabinets
and just left it open, the new owners can either put up a bar to hang clothes
or add nice cabinets.


2 nd bathroom attached to the hallway.

The trim was painted SW  Iron Ore,
now here too I thought we were ordering a dark grey color
and it turned out rust. It ended up looking fine on this house, and
I painted the back shed the same color, but I had really wanted
a dark grey.  A few weeks later I found my swatches and SW does
have a dark grey called Iron Ore.  What happened?
Still not sure.

The back yard.
We replaced the laundry room door with a french door with windows,
this was left from one of our other flips, so it only cost the time
to put the door in and paint it.  It gave the small laundry room space more light
and I really liked that about that small room.

We bought the house at $46,500.
We thought it was a great deal, until we had to replace all the plumbing,
electrical in all the kitchen, replaced the roof, new kitchen, 90% of the
flooring, I wanted to change all the doors, but was not in the budget,
nor were expensive cabinets for the master bathroom.

Even at all that, we put in
We went under contract in 3 days on the market for $107
But alas, the appraiser we got only appraised it at $99
So, for 3 months work we only profited
$10,000.  So many variables came that kept bringing the
profit down, if however, we had been appraised at $107, we
would have profited $17,000 which would have made
the 3 months a better profit.

We are learning about flips for sure,
and what type of houses to buy.
This wasn't the best buy, but we didn't go in the
hole either.

Live and do better next time!