Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sandridge Kitchen Remodel

Love this house!
Love the neighborhood!
Love the yard and surroundings!

This house is one of those houses with multiple hidden costs.
When we did a walk through, we made a list of things
that needed to be done.  Well, now that is finished,
I think that we doubled that list, and the the number of things
that needed to be fixed and attended to.

The Kitchen was tiled, it all came out, the middle cabinets came out.
We left the cabinets on the right side just as they are.

Here is the kitchen with the cabinets gone,
This wall is getting pulled out and a header put in.
It really opens things up.

Here we are with the wall finally out and the header in.

I noticed the wall where we left the cabinets on, across from it was
wasted space, and so we decided to use the cabinets we took off the wall
we removed and put them on that wall.
This extended the kitchen to make it really feel much bigger.

Now we are open to the family room, the kitchen floor was also rotten,
The dishwasher had been leaking and so we had to replace 3 sheets of under
flooring there.  It was a no walk zone for a while with all
the open space to the underneat of the house.

Here the painters have finally arrived.  The original color of the house
was peach.  What?? it was painted new only a few years ago. Peach!

Well, anyway, it was an odd color when everything during
that time was painted beige.

We painted this room in Anew Grey,  Sherwin Williams.
The chandelier show really good here.

We found 3 matching pendant lights so used them over the island and kitchen
table.  I have them wrapped in plastic here, since there is still
sanding going on, and I didn't want to have to work very hard to clean
them.  We bumped up the cabinet over the stove, and painted it and
the island back SW Urban Bronze.

I felt like Urban Bronze had kind of a green tinge to it.
I can't say I would use that color again..

We also found a cabinet to go under the cabinets over on the far
right side of the kitchen.  It is a dresser that I painted the
Urban Bronze, the middle drawer was missing and so we hunted
many, many stores to find a basket that fit the open space.

I turned this into a coffee bar.
It was a great addition to the kitchen,
and makes the kitchen really look big.

We installed black granite countertops.
Installed a new microwave, used the original stove,
and a new dishwasher.

We also found a very old door, 36 inch door was hard to find
but after lots of searching we found it.  I used
Old English on it to spiff it up, and Dana installed it
as a rolling door.  Really love how this turned out!

We also installed large white tiles for the backsplash with
a small row of glass tiles at the top.  We also did crown molding
around the kitchen and crown molding on the top of the cabinets.

Here is the coffee bar, using the dresser, we had granite installed
on it also, and it turned out so fun.

The cabinets are the original oak cabinets to the home, we worked them
around to fit all the original cabinets except one to the new
kitchen.  The Urban Bronze became the pop to the kitchen, and
the sink in the island gives the woman of the house a great view of the family room
and all that is going on there.

Here is a panoramic view of the kitchen with the cute bay window that
looks out over the pool in the backyard.

This is the view of the kitchen from the great room.
Love these dark hardwood floors!

Well here it is, the finished rooms.
Love how these 2 rooms turned out!