Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sandridge Outside Flip

This is our first view of the house.

It had missing grate in the front, sad, sad shudders, that were rotting.
They litterally fell apart when we took them off.
I wanted to salvage them, but that didn't work out for me.

The roof of course had to be replaced as well as the facia in some places.

Here we are finished.
New shudders, new paint on the front of the house.
New tiled front porch.
And cute flower boxes that fit on the railing.
The bushes are trimmed and the lawn finally mowed.

Roofers working on the new roof.

The back fence was in such bad shape, but a good layer of paint is needed.
And I loved the pool, even though the whole time we were here
the pool wasn't clean enough to swim in and it was a little chilly.

Here the fence is painted, 25 gallons of paint later!!!!
It soaked it up so bad!  But big improvement.

And again the finished house.

Welcome Home!

Let us know what you think of our flips!